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Home Projects That Enhance Health, Happiness, And Harmony

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In 2020, we started spending about 12% more time at home than ever before. Much of this time was spent working, but an even greater number of hours were dedicated to socializing, relaxing, and leisure. Whatever your reasons for staying in, now’s the time to start home projects that increase your enjoyment of the place you call home.


Your home's roof says a lot about the health of your house. A sagging, mildew-covered roof with holes in it likely means that part of your home is humid and that your family is breathing in mold spores each day. Tytans Roofing Ltd can inspect your roof and help you make a decision on an affordable and stylish new option to ensure that your family is safe from the elements.

Home Office

If you haven’t already dedicated an area to work, it’s time. Before you choose your office, write down your needs. If you’re going to be on the computer all day, you’ll need lots of natural light to encourage you to keep going. If you’re using machinery, such as a laser engraver or embroidery equipment, you might want to work in a garage office where you can be near your tools and have room to move around. Whatever you do, make sure to have a separate space carved out so that you’re not working in common areas, such as the living room, or interrupting your sleep-wake cycle by having your computer in the bedroom.


Your home's HVAC system plays a huge role in your family’s overall enjoyment of your property. According to Indoor Air Quality Inc., your HVAC provides consistent heating and cooling, better airflow, improved indoor air quality, and can even boost your home’s resale value (more on that in a moment).


Just as you need natural light in your home office, the rest of your home can benefit from a bit of brightness. If your home currently only has a few windows, now might be a great time to talk with your contractor about adding more. Glass wall installer and designer NanaWall explains, having more windows in your home can put you closer to nature, and the right type of windows or glass walls can even give you more outdoor/indoor living space.

Updates That Improve Value

We’ve already alluded to some home improvements that increase your home’s value. Now it’s time to look at a few specific ones that may help your home sell faster and for more money, regardless of market conditions. Before you choose any type of remodel, make sure that you know what upgrades are considered classics that may be going out of style soon. You’ll also want to take before-and-after pictures and hold onto the receipts and contracts so that you can justify a higher selling price.

  • Kitchen. As much time as we spent in the kitchen, it should come as no surprise that around eight out of 10 buyers cite this room as being an important influencing factor when looking at homes. You don’t have to have a huge kitchen, and you may even get up to an 80% ROI on a small kitchen update.

  • Bath. The bath is another area that you want to pay close attention to. Fortunately, you have plenty of options here, including adding a frameless shower, a sound system, and even a television so that you can catch up with your show while you soak your stress away.

Home projects can absolutely create positive changes within your home. From adding a new roof or HVAC system to improve air quality to creating the perfect home office, everything you do to your property may enhance its livability and overall value. Contact Tytans Roofing Ltd today for more information on residential and commercial roofing projects.



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