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If your roof detracts due to harsh weather and age, Tytans Roofing Ltd can help. Whether you need service for a commercial or residential roof, or you have a shingle roof, a metal roof or a built-up roof, we’ve got you covered. 

At Tytans Roofing Ltd, we understand that though the roof accentuates the style and aesthetics of your property, its primary function is to protect the property and its inhabitants. That’s why we provide quality roofs at quality prices, installed with the highest standards. As we consider all the aspects that influence the durability of a roof, our methods ensure optimal performance and act as a profitable investment. We have the materials and expertise to build the long-lasting and attractive roof you want:

view of a roof with shingles
Due to the variety, cost, and robustness, shingles are the most common roofing application type. They are not only affordable but offer excellent quality. However, shingles require regular repairs and replacements, therefore, it is essential to get them inspected regularly to avoid any costly damages later on.
view of a metal roof
Metal roofing is a great alternative to PVC, shingles, clay, and asphalt roofing tiles. Metal roofing is much more durable and lasts longer than most other materials. It absorbs the sun, keeping in heat and lowering the cost of energy, weighs less than other types, and is fire resistant. It is also easier to install and easier for rain and snow to glide off the rooftop instead of causing damage.
view of a roof
Built-up roofing
It is a common roofing material utilized on low-slope roofs. It is made up of alternating layers of reinforcing fabric and bitumen (asphalt) and is finished with an aggregate top layer of stone or gravel. Because of its continuous sealed surface, BUR is typically preferred for flat roofs or low-slope. It also provides excellent waterproofing and ultra-violet protection. This type of roofing is generally low-maintenance and therefore, costs little to maintain over its life.
view of modified roofing
Modified roofing is a particular type of membrane roofing system similar to a built-up roof system and has applications for flat roof and low-slope commercial buildings. It is an excellent option for strength, puncture resistance, dimensional stability and is highly dependable, possessing a strong track record of longevity when appropriately maintained.
view of a single-ply roof
Single-ply systems
Single-ply roofing is classified as flexible sheets of compounded plastic-derived material that are used to cover and protect flat and low-sloped buildings. These flexible sheets are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals and environmental threats. Due to this characteristic, many business owners opt for the single-ply system for a longer lifespan and drive down energy costs. Properly installed, single-ply roofing systems offer an inherent advantage over other materials due to their strength, efficiency, and flexibility.

Is It Time to Install a New Roof?

Irrespective of the roofing material you need, we have got you covered.

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