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Are you keeping up with the roofing maintenance on your home and taking care of any roof repairs as they are needed? Waiting and delaying a roof repair can mean higher repair bills in the future if the problems aren't taken care of right away. If your roof needs something repaired, get it done right away. Tytans Roofing Ltd provides you with top-of-the-line residential and commercial roof replacement and maintenance systems in Fredericton, New Brunswick and surrounding areas. Our skilled professionals have the experience to repair and maintain the roof to a high standard so that it doesn’t bother you in future.

Roof Repair Services

After a thorough review, our roofing professional will inform you if a roof repair service is required. Tytans Roofing Ltd’s roof investigators begin with a general examination and then follow with more specific questions. Some of the most basic questions include:


Has your roof undergone wind or hail damage?
Have shingles lifted away or folded down on the roof?
Is the roof product at the end of its life?
Can you see bare wood where you should not be able to?

If the response was yes to any of these issues, it is possible that a roof repair service may be needed.


Roof Maintenance Services

We also offer several maintenance choices for your roof and share information with you on the suggested long term roof plans, what to expect in regards to your current roof, etc. Tytans Roofing Ltd offers experienced roof maintenance services to keep your roof in a good shape throughout the year. Our roofing specialists can instantly spot a problem and offer resolutions that will restore the safety and performance of your roof.

Talk to us about fixing your roof and see why we're a good choice for roof repair and maintenance. We also offer 24/7 emergency roof services.

Snow Removal

Canadian winters are a wonderland, but spending months buried under heavy, wet snow can wreak havoc on your roof. Snow accumulation can put your roof under a weight that it can't handle, damaging it beyond repairs before the spring even arrives. To avoid leaks and collapses and to prevent dangerous ice dams from forming, it's important to clear the snow from your roof as early as when 6 inches have accumulated on it. Tytans Roofing Ltd's team of experts can help keep your roof safe and clear during the winter months by performing snow removal when you need it. 

Is Water Running Down Your Walls?

By using our roof maintenance and repair services, you get the advantages of prevention and saving your money.

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